Mental Health & Trauma Assessments

Comprehensive Evaluation of Sexual Harm by Youth

This is a comprehensive evaluation that includes recommendations for service provisions. Assessment scales are used to gain a better understanding of a youth's personality, intellectual capacity, development, protective factors, competency development, vulnerabilities for risk of youth violence and elements of sexually harmful behavior. This evaluation may serve as a guide to make recommendations for dispositions, service delivery and safety plans.

Complex Trauma Evaluation

Our Certified Trauma Professionals provide Psycho-Traumatology Evaluations for diagnosing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPSTD). These evaluations also address the criteria for stabilization, identifying vulnerabilities in families at-risk, as well as elements for optimal child development.

The importance of PTSD and accuracy of a trauma diagnosis are paramount, especially when it is associated with other co-morbid diagnosis such as depression, alcohol/ substance abuse, anxiety disorders and some personality disorders, as untreated PTSD may progress to chronic mental illness. The effects of trauma and complex trauma can cause impairment that limits a child's ability to perform life activities such as eating, sleeping, concentrating, thinking, communicating, learning and emotional self-regulation.Our assessments comport with the prevailing standards of care for assessing trauma-impacted youth.

Comprehensive Mental Health & Level of Care Assessments

Our licensed professionals provide mental health assessments that address life functioning, mental health and risk factors. Our assessments also provide recommendations for level of care.

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